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Starion Bank


Starion Bank is a growing community bank known for providing local leadership, personalized service, and community loyalty. We foster a culture where you can grow professionally and personally, and we treat employees as our most important organizational asset.


Cash Management Support Specialist

We are seeking a Cash Management Support Specialist in Bismarck, Mandan or Fargo, North Dakota; or Madison, WI.

In this role, you will:

  • Administer commercial online banking products and services
  • Administer commercial credit cards
  • Assist customers with ACH transaction processing
  • Work with customers to complete training and installation
  • Determine and document accounts, users, access parameters, and security configuration
  • Provide onboarding per executed agreements
  • Perform quality control tasks for setup and maintenance of business online banking products.
  • Perform corrective maintenance
  • Complete and file exception reports
  • Update and provide reports and research

You should have:

  • Minimum of one to three years of similar or related experience
  • Prefer 1-3 years of commercial credit card experience
  • Equivalent of an associate degree
  • Strong problem-solving, multi-tasking and decision-making skills
  • Computer skills including Outlook, Word, and Excel
  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • Prior banking industry experience preferred

Starion offers a competitive salary and a full comprehensive benefit package including health, life, dental, vision, health savings account, 401K, profit sharing, paid vacation and holidays.

Join our team and work at a bank recognized as “Best of the Best” by Independent Banker magazine, “50 Best Places to Work” by Prairie Business magazine and “Top 10 Workplaces” by Bismarck-Mandan Young Professionals Network! Apply online at


Starion is an Equal Opportunity Employer of women, minorities, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities.

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Starion Bank


Starion Bank is a growing community bank known for providing local leadership, personalized service, and community loyalty. We foster a culture where you can grow both professionally and personally and treat employees as our most important organizational asset.

Deposit Operations Specialist

Located in our Mandan branch, this position delivers high-quality customer service by providing deposit operations support to all 16 branches and customers in North Dakota and Wisconsin.

Responsibilities include:

  • Process NSF’s
  • Resolve/process non-post deposit items
  • Process ACH exceptions, returns along with ACH disputes
  • Process return items
  • Balance general ledger accounts
  • Processing and balancing of daily transactions
  • Wires
  • Debit card, Credit card and ATM transaction balancing along with dispute processing
  • Process check adjustments
  • Mobile deposit review
  • Balance official checks
  • Overdraft Management
  • Account maintenance and other miscellaneous duties
  • Address changes
  • Promote and cross sell bank services

You should have:

  • The equivalent of an associate’s degree
  • One to two years of bookkeeping and/or operations experience
  • Strong mathematical and problem-solving skills
  • Multi-tasking and decision-making skills
  • Computer skills including Outlook, Word and Excel
  • Exceptional customer service skills.

Starion Bank offers a competitive salary and a full comprehensive benefit package including health, life, dental, vision, health savings account, 401K, profit sharing, paid vacation, and holidays.

Join our team and work at a bank recognized as “Best of the Best” by Independent Banker magazine, “50 Best Places to Work” by Prairie Business magazine and “Top 10 Workplaces” by Bismarck-Mandan Young Professionals Network! Apply online at


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Starion Bank

Digital Marketing Specialist

Do you get excited about developing and running successful digital marketing campaigns? Are you a disciplined, ethical team player who believes in serving their communities and inspiring them to action? If so, you may be an excellent fit at Starion Bank!

We are seeking a Digital Marketing Specialist in Bismarck!

In this role, you will:

  • Develop and deploy consistent, engaging advertising content across the Bank’s web, mobile, email, social and other digital marketing platforms.
  • Support the promotion of products and services to drive traffic, generate leads and acquire new customers.
  • Assist in brand management for digital marketing and multimedia asset creation including brand identity, look and feel and voice execution.
  • Update and maintain content on the Starion Bank website.
  • Monitor performance of digital marketing initiatives and report on results.

You should be:

  • Self-motivated – Driven to hit deadlines, contribute new ideas and develop as a digital marketer.
  • Self-aware – highly intentional about your decision-making processes, and skilled in communicating them to diverse colleagues and customers.
  • Analytical – ability to research, interpret, analyze and report on data.
  • Curious – interested in human behavior, trends, new technologies and industry developments.

You should have:

  • A degree in marketing, communications or a related discipline, or equivalent industry-recognized certifications.
  • Three to five years of website management and/or digital marketing experience.
  • Experience with modern web design techniques and platforms.
  • Experience with digital marketing technologies and tools such as email marketing and automation platforms, A/B testing tools and CMS.
  • Understanding of and experience delivering results using search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), social media, email marketing and paid digital media.
  • Proficiency in platforms such as Google, Facebook and SEMRush for research, advertising and analytics.
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office applications and baseline knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Excellent verbal and written skills.
  • Flexible schedule and hybrid environment available.
  • Comfortable working alone, but also thrives in a collaborative environment.

Starion Bank is a growing community bank known for providing local leadership, personalized service and community loyalty. We foster a culture where you can grow both professionally and personally, and we treat employees as our most important organizational asset.

We offer a competitive salary and a full comprehensive benefit package including health, life, dental, vision, health savings account, 401K, profit sharing, paid vacation and holidays.

Join our team and work at a bank recognized as “Best of the Best” by Independent Bankers magazine and “50 Best Places to Work” by Prairie Business magazine! Apply online at

Starion Bank is an Equal Opportunity Employer of women, minorities, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities.



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Happy April, everyone! It’s supposed to be spring but the forecast looks like we may be in the middle of another winter storm about the time this newsletter hits your inbox. Good grief! Enough already!

You’re probably tired of hearing from me about the 68th Assembly of the North Dakota Legislature. Not many weeks have gone by when I haven’t implored members to reach out to their legislators requesting they vote with us on one issue or another. In my limited tenure with ICBND, this has easily been the busiest as it relates to bills affecting community banking. We’ve been effective in turning back, or amending to satisfaction, most of the problematic bills. Unfortunately, we’re not even close to being done. In fact, we are currently in the throws of possibly the most problematic proposed North Dakota legislation in the past decade as it relates to community banking.
That bill is Senate Bill 2266. It was brought by the credit unions and originally sought to gut the field of membership rules in Century Code by allowing pretty much unfettered expansion. As amended in the
Senate, it is still extremely problematic as it seeks to expand the field of membership of any credit union main office to 125 miles from the current 75-mile radius. That’s a near tripling of the service area of every state-chartered credit union – there are 19 of them. It passed by one vote in the Senate. We need it to fail in the House and we need your help to do that. The bill was heard in the House Industry, Business and Labor Committee yesterday. It will be the subject of Committee work again the week of April 3rd. It could hit the House floor for vote as early as late that same week or the week of April 10. Please contact your Representatives from the following roster ND House of Representatives and ask them to vote “NO” on SB 2266!
Happy shoveling,

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ND independent banks 'doing well' | Prairie Public Broadcasting

Prairie Public Broadcasting | By Dave Thompson

"They're strong, well-run, well-capitalized," said David Mason of First International Bank and Trust in Bismarck. "We've been fortunate for a highly supportive community base in North Dakota."

Mason said North Dakotans like doing business with other North Dakotans.

"That's where the community bank model really thrives for us," Mason said.

Mason also said the biggest issue facing banks this year is inflation, and continued efforts by the Federal Reserve to tamper down inflation through raising interest rates.

"Increasing or decreasing isn't as big of a deal as how fast they change," Mason said. "And we've seen a dramatically fast-paced move by the Fed in increasing rates this time around. And that just changes the dynamic."

Mason said it takes a little bit of a different management style, to help customers deal with the rates.

Meanwhile, ag lenders are reporting a more positive outlook in farm country. A banker from southeast North Dakota said farmers are doing very well this year, compared with the past few years.

"The crops that got put in look very good," said Darwin Bitz of Heartland State Bank of Edgeley and Kulm. "The prices are excellent, and even on the livestock end, prices are very good."

Bitz said farmers are in a very good financial position, because of the current prices, and also because of disaster payments, crop insurance and COVID relief. And he said his bank hasn't been making loans to farmers this year.

"I can tell you that right now, of operating loans at our bank, there have been some that haven't been touched," Bitz said. "The farmers haven't needed it."

Bitz said he has sen a lot of pay-down on existing loans.

"It's actually a great time to be farming," Bitz said.

The independent bankers' group had their annual meeting in Bismarck this week.

BISMARCK, ND – Stephen L. Stenehjem, Chairman and CEO of First International Bank & Trust (FIBT), is the recipient of the 2022 Distinguished Community Banker Award. The award was presented to him during the 54th Annual Independent Community Banks of North Dakota (ICBND) Convention & Exposition. The three-day event was held August 8-10, at the Bismarck Hotel and Conference Center, in Bismarck, and was attended by over 200 bank and associate members.

The Distinguished Community Banker Award was created in 1998 by the ICBND Board of Directors to recognize the efforts of its most outstanding members and is the most prestigious award given by ICBND. This award, which need not be given every year, honors an active or former community banker for exemplary and outstanding service to community banking over an extended career. Stephen’s father Leland M. Stenehjem posthumously received the award in 2017, making Stephen the second Stenehjem to be honored with the ICBND Distinguished Community Banker Award.


Stenehjem, who recently celebrated 40 years with First International Bank & Trust, looks back on his achievements with pride. “FIBT is over 100x larger than when I started and that’s a testament to the amazing team we’ve built over the years. From our humble beginnings in Arnegard, ND, we now have 34 locations across four states and can serve more customers than ever before. Thank you to everyone who has been part of FIBT’s success. I am truly humbled and honored to receive this award.”

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ICBND hosts 54th Annual Convention in Bismarck | KX NEWS (

BISMARCK, N.D. — This week is the ICBND 54th Annual Convention. The convention will last Monday through Wednesday.

Jessie Pfaff, who is the vice president for the ICBND says this is a chance for community bankers and associate members vendors across the nation to get together.

“It’s just a time to reconnect with eachother and to celebrate everything they have accomplished last year” “

Pfaff says conventions such as this one is extremely important to have in the state.

“North Dakota in general is a tight knit rural community and community banks across our state are what provide the funding for a lot of main street, and we are excited about bringing them together.”

According to Pfaff, ICBND is the only association in the state of North Dakota that excessively represents Community Banks.
The convention always has a theme and for this years theme it’s the roaring 20’s.

“We figured it’s the 20’s. We are roaring forward and everything that banks have had to overcome with their customers and COVID the last couple of years,” said Pfaff. “They keep charging forward into the future.”

And the big topic on everyone’s mind is inflation.

“It’s front and center. The man on the street and the lady on the street mind’s these days is on how much things are costing,” said Reber. “When they go to the grocery store, when they go buy clothes. When they fill up their gas tank.”

As far as what interest rates could do in the next six months, Jim Reber, President and CEO of ICBA Securities, says it’s impossible to predict.
Despite not being able to predict how long the inflation will last, Reber says community banks are built to benefit from rising rates.

“If this is a long term scenario, where rates are higher than normal, community banks should do just fine.”

They say no matter what the economy looks like… they will continue to reach out and help their neighbors from rural to cities here in North Dakota.

Plains Commerce bank

Sioux Falls, SD, Release: Tuesday, August 2, 2022. For Immediate Release Plains Commerce Bank will be hosting a free webinar on Thursday, August 25, 2022: Shifting the Tone: Custody of Crypto Assets.

This webinar will discuss the importance of trust and security with cryptocurrency and digital assets.

When asked about the webinar: Custody of Crypto Assets, Kyle Pickner, Chief Trust Officer at Plains Commerce Bank said that this webinar is a chance for people to educate themselves on how to protect their digital assets. They can ask questions live and get information not easily available through other channels.

Custody for digital assets (as opposed to cash, securities, or precious metals) requires a new kind of technological infrastructure that is independent in every sense of the word. Cryptocurrencies are created and managed using specialized technologies which come with their own unique considerations for storage and security.

Join Kyle Pickner, along with special guests from Brane Inc., Matt Pierce, Interim President and Chris Desjardins, Vice President of Product as they dive into how to protect your digital assets.

Registration now open for the free webinar at

Shifting the Tone Webinar Series is an initiative developed by Plains Commerce Bank to dive into the intricate world of money and finance.

Full information and marketing assets can be found on the website:

Contact Information:
Name: Abby McCann, VP Marketing
Organization: Plains Commerce Bank
Address: 4410 S Technology Drive, Sioux Falls, SD 57106
Phone: 605.954.1322

Note: This is intended for information use only and is not intended as tax, legal, or investment advice. Cryptocurrency is not insured by the FDIC, are not deposits or other obligations of the institution and are not guaranteed by the institution; and are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal invested.

The Bank of Tioga

Tioga, ND, August 1, 2022 - The Bank of Tioga has partnered with the Tioga Area Economic Development Corporation to host REV, a small business pitch competition where $15,000 will be distributed to one or more entrepreneurs. Applications are due October 10, 2022.

From the pool of applicants, up to five businesses will be selected to pitch and be judged on all aspects of their business in front of a judges panel on Thursday, November 10, 2022 at the Divide County Courthouse, located at 200 N Main St., Crosby, ND.

"Entrepreneurs and businesses are encouraged to pitch their current or future business concepts for a chance to win money to support their idea. It is our mission to IGNITE PROSPERITY® in all the communities we serve," said President of The Bank of Tioga, Savanna Hendrickson.

The Bank of Tioga hosts REV in an effort to reinvest in local businesses and entrepreneurs. Applicants will be judged on their pitch, marketing, personal investment level and exit strategy.

In 2017, The Bank of Tioga started REV in an effort to spur economic growth and encourage business owners to continue pursuing their dreams. As of today, over $60,000 has been awarded through this program.

Last year’s winners included Blue Raven Trading Company at $7,200, Back Shed Treasures LLC at $4,200, Luxe Beauty Bar LLC at $2,400 and Haugland Enterprises Inc. at $1,200. Judges include Savanna Hendrickson, President of The Bank of Tioga and Wendy Lenzen, Vice President of Business & Consumer Banking with The Bank of Tioga, along with KayCee Lindsey with Divide County Economic Development and Dennis Lindahl with Tioga Economic Development.

To apply, visit and download the REV application. The application deadline is October 10, 2022. If you have any questions, please reach out to Savanna Hendrickson at The Bank of Tioga at 701-664-3388.

About The Bank of Tioga: At The Bank of Tioga, we IGNITE PROSPERITY® by helping our clients do more with their money. Whether it’s saving a little extra cash each month or accomplishing a long-term strategy, our goal is to help you transform your financial life. The Bank of Tioga was chartered in 1951 and was acquired by TS Contrarian Bancshares Inc., an affiliate of TS Banking Group in 2014. With $350 million in assets, The Bank of Tioga is committed to supporting local organizations and reinvests a portion of its net income back to the community. Branch locations include Tioga and Crosby, North Dakota. For more information visit

LewisClark DG

New program will provide an additional line of support for North Dakota’s small businesses

(MANDAN, ND) – The North Dakota Opportunity Fund (NDOF) Steering Committee recently
voted to create a new collateral support program which expands the financing options available
to the lending and business community served by NDOF.
Created in 2012 as a direct result of the federal Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, which allowed
for the creation of State Small Business Credit Initiatives (SSBCI), the North Dakota Opportunity
Fund leverages private financing to help small businesses and manufacturers attain needed
loans and investments to expand and create jobs.
Led by the City of Mandan, a consortium of 38 municipalities (see attachment) was originally
allocated almost $10 million dollars for the loan participation program. Lewis & Clark
Development Group manages the fund on behalf of the consortium. Since 2012, NDOF has
disbursed $29.9 million dollars in loan proceeds.
Lenders Across the State Expressed Strong Support for New Program
Matt Burthold, commercial lending director for Lewis & Clark Development Group, said the
program’s success over the years prompted discussions about adding a collateral support
Late last year, the NDOF Steering Committee distributed an online survey to lenders across
North Dakota. The survey found strong interest in expending the fund to include collateral
“The strong support and interest in offering a collateral program is, I think, a vote of confidence
in the North Dakota Opportunity Fund,” says Burthold. “The support certainly helped the NDOF
Steering Committee in making the decision to proceed with creating a new program.”
Burthold says the Steering Committee did its due diligence in reviewing similar programs
throughout the United States.
“There is obviously no one size fits all approach, but we determined that the best model for us is
similar to a program used in Idaho. We opted to base our new program in part, but not entirely,
on what they offer,” notes Burthold.
How the NDOF Collateral Support Program Will Work
The new NDOF Collateral Support Program will establish pledged case collateral accounts with
lending institutions to enhance loan collateral for qualifying businesses, which will help them
obtain financing on acceptable terms and conditions.
The following is an example of how the new program may help a small business:
Small Business Expansion Project:
§ $500,000 total project; $485,750 value of total collateral available
§ $340,025: Lender policy is 70% loan-to-value advance rate
§ $75,000: Business is able to provide 15% cash equity
§ $84,975: Funding gap challenge
Solution Provided by the NDOF Collateral Support Program:
§ $425,000: Lender loan with an $84,975 Collateral Support Certificate of Deposit (CD)
§ $75,000: Borrower Equity
“The NDOF Collateral Support Program will be implemented prudently to provide another
valuable line of support for North Dakota’s small businesses,” says Burthold, who reports
inquiries are already being made from small businesses across the state.
For more information on the North Dakota Opportunity Fund, contact Burthold at (701) 667-7601
or at You can also learn more online at

United Bankers Bank

United Bankers’ Bank Announces Strategic Partnership with Blue Team Alpha

BLOOMINGTON, MN – United Bankers’ Bank (UBB), the nation’s first bankers’ bank and Blue Team Alpha, an elite cybersecurity force, announce an agreement to offer cybersecurity services to UBB's community banks. Through this partnership, UBB and Blue Team Alpha will provide community banks with access to comprehensive cybersecurity services to help shore up defenses against cybercriminals.
"Very few areas present more challenges to community bankers than cybersecurity. Data breaches in financial services make the headlines weekly and regulators are cracking down. I'm happy to announce Twin-Cities-based Blue Team Alpha is the newest addition to UBB's suite of consulting services for our customer banks," commented UBB’s President and CEO Dwight Larsen.
"As banks adopt advanced technologies to improve customer service and operating efficiencies, they increase their attack surface and become more vulnerable to cybercriminals. Blue Team Alpha is happy to partner with UBB to help increase the security posture of community banks and the communities they serve," said Joe Kingland, CISSP, CEO of Blue Team Alpha.
The security experts at Blue Team Alpha have experience in addressing financial institutions' complex and highly regulated demands. The company has over 25 years of experience implementing stringent IT standards for banks and financial institutions.
About United Bankers' Bank
Headquartered in Bloomington, MN, United Bankers' Bancorporation, Inc. is the parent holding company for United Bankers' Bank (UBB). UBB provides a full range of correspondent banking services to over 1,000 community banks throughout 22 states. For more information, please visit or follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook.
About Blue Team Alpha
Blue Team Alpha is an elite cybersecurity force with one primary focus - to keep its clients' company resources safe from attack. Established in 2018 as a subsidiary of Manage Infinity, Blue Team Alpha was designed to focus on incident response and to minimize the business impact of cyberattacks. The team has deep roots in incident response with decades of experience handling hundreds of breach investigations across 12 industries. For more information on Blue Team Alpha, visit or follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook.
Contact: Dwight Larsen United Bankers’ Bank Direct: 952.885.9501
July 25, 2022
1650 W 82nd Street Bloomington, MN 55431

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Bravera Bank

MINOT, N.D. – Bravera Bank is proud to announce that United Community Bank (UCB) is going to be merged into Bravera Bank. Pending regulatory approval and other customary conditions, this is expected to officially take effect November 2022. UCB has locations in Minot, Burlington, Drake and Leeds.

Bravera took over ownership of UCB in 2015 while leaving UCB to operate independently. While UCB has been a Bravera company for seven years, taking on the Bravera name and merging into the same systems means a greater depth of services for customers. For example, customers will have the convenience of using services at any of Bravera’s locations throughout North Dakota, Montana and soon Minnesota. In addition, Bravera Wealth is currently located in the same building as UCB in Minot and will remain.

“We’ve worked together for quite a while and are glad to take this next step forward. This collaboration improves the experience of those we serve as well as our employees,” said Greg Vetter, president of client services and interim president/CEO of UCB.

“This is an exciting shift for our customers and our team,” said Kelly Perrin, UCB Minot market president. “We are able to provide additional resources, products and services in banking, wealth and insurance areas as well as give customers access across a greater footprint.”

UCB’s same local, friendly staff is available to assist customers throughout the transition.

To learn more about Bravera, visit

Starion Bank


  Starion Bank mortgage banker named to three prestigious Top Originator lists

Starion Bank Mortgage Banking Supervisor Kassy Landis has been named to three distinguished lists of America’s top mortgage bankers. The Scotsman Guide named Landis in their Top Originators of 2021 and Top Women Originators of 2021 lists. Mortgage Executive Magazine named Landis as one of the Top 1% of Mortgage Originators of 2021. 

Kassy Landis 2018 crop   Picture: Kassy Landis 

Landis, who is based in Bismarck, has been a mortgage banking officer since 2012. She joined Starion in 2006 as a Universal Banker, advanced to Business Banking Representative in 2007, and became a mortgage underwriter in 2008.

Her area of expertise is residential mortgage lending, including conventional loans, NDHFA First Time Home Buyer programs, FHA, VA, Construction, Lot, Bridge, Home Equity and jumbo loans, allowing Landis to help home buyers determine the financing that best fits their needs.  

Landis earned an associate degree from Bismarck State College and a bachelor’s degree from Dickinson State University, both in business administration. She served as a member of 2021-2022 City of Bismarck Special Assessments Task Force volunteer and currently serves as a member of Bismarck-Mandan Professional Women in Building, and as an affiliate member of both the Bismarck-Mandan HBA and Bismarck-Mandan Board of Realtors.

Scotsman Guide previously recognized Landis as one of the Top Women Originators and Top Originators in 2020. She was also recognized by Mortgage Executive Magazine in their Top 1% of Mortgage Originators for 2015, 2016, 2019 and 2020.

The Scotsman Guide is a source of news and research to keep mortgage professionals informed about important trends and topics in the industry. They provide finance tools, industry news, market data and research to help mortgage originators grow their networks.

Mortgage Executive Magazine annually compiles a comprehensive list of the nation’s top one percent of mortgage originators in the United States in order to recognize and celebrate their service, dedication and hard work it takes to serve clients during the home loan process.

About Starion Bank

Starion Bank is a $1.7 billion family-owned community bank and financial services organization. Established in Oakes, N.D., in 1969, Starion has 16 locations in Bismarck-Mandan, Bottineau, Dunseith, Ellendale, Fargo, Oakes and Rolla, N.D.: and Middleton, Monona and Sun Prairie, Wis.


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Happy February, community bankers! I hope you are surviving this year’s North Dakota winter. You will see in this edition of our newsletter that ICBND is proudly promoting the launch of Bankers Helping Bankers (BHB), a collaboration with FedFis, a fintech providing data transformation for financial institutions, and the Independent Bankers Association of Texas (IBAT). The new program is supported by community banking associations nationwide. And best of all, it is available free to all ICBND member bankers!

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I hope this message finds you recovering from the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s truly my favorite holiday involving good food, family, friends, and football. My favorite part was spending time with my two grandsons as we enjoyed the mild temperatures and sunshine that still prevail in this early winter.

As I look back on 2021, I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to represent you all and the interests of community banking in North Dakota and nationally. And I’m proud of our accomplishments this past year with the 67th Assembly of the North Dakota Legislature which convened on January 5 and adjourned on April 29. In addition to the Regular Session, Governor Burgum called a Special Session of the Legislature that was conducted the week of November 8 adjourning on Friday, November 12.

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I hope this message finds you doing well and enjoying our gorgeous fall weather. While the days have been very pleasant, I don’t think any of us would mind some “rain” days. Drought has taken a heavy toll on our ag producers this year, especially our livestock producers who are scrounging hay and feed to get through the winter. I feel for them during this challenging time.

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I hope this message finds you doing well and finding some ways to stay cool during what seems to be an excessively hot and dry summer. Say a prayer for our ag producers especially those scrambling right now to find hay and forage for their livestock. It’s difficult to watch the countryside wilt.   

It’s hard to believe August is already here. Of course, that means your ICBND Convention Committee and staff are in the home stretch of preparation for our 53rd annual convention. We’re excited to be back in convention-mode after the doldrums of pandemic-ridden 2020. I hope you’re planning to attend the convention as it’s still not too late to register! I promise it will be fun and informative. As I’ve reported before, the format for the convention will be a bit different this year with a Monday through Wednesday schedule. And don’t forget to participate in Monday evening’s western theme party and PAC fundraiser which is sure to be entertaining.

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The 67th Legislative Assembly of the North Dakota Legislature wrapped up in the very early morning hours of Friday, April 27 which marked the 76th day of the session saving four days during the interim if there’s a need to reconvene. While we didn’t get everything we wanted from this session, independent community banking fared well and we will work hard in the interim voicing our advocacy message. I won’t belabor this message with details from the session as you’re probably just starting to recover from my weekly legislative updates the first four months of the year!

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Happy April everyone! We’ve had some early glimpses of spring after a very mild winter, but now we need some of those April showers for the May flowers. I’ve had numerous discussions with member bank ag lenders over the past several weeks. There are some pretty consistent themes across the state. First, most producers are better off right now than they were a year ago. And second, while it varies slightly, it’s too dry everywhere. Hopefully, Mother Nature provides some relief on the latter point.

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Happy 2021 everyone! I know this is going to be a great year and I hope it’s starting off that way for you and yours. Things in life are often relative and compared to a baseline. If 2020 is our baseline for evaluating 2021, then hallelujah! I like our chances for improvement. Covid cases are down and we’re seeing some light at the end of the tunnel with respect to this dastardly pandemic. I also know that 2021 will have its challenges, I just hope they aren’t the same challenges that we’ve faced the past almost year now.

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