About ICB Services’ Mobile ATM

The ICBND Mobile ATM trailer was created for the use of promoting local member banks. The mobile ATM lets your bank participate in events such as fairs and school games, and be an important financial resource in situations like disaster relief. Our mobile ATM can meet you whenever and wherever you need to serve your customers.

To see if your bank’s event date is available, contact Angie Olson at 701-258-8326 to reserve your event date. The trailer is to be scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis, with disasters taking precedence.

How it Works

  • The trailer is available to all ICBND Member Banks
  • $0 costs for use of the trailer
  • Datrue Process Automation will make the necessary programming changes to the ATM before each use
  • Processing occurs through Funds Access, Inc.
  • All vault cash will be re-deposited to your bank account on the next business day

Your Bank is Responsible for:

  • Travel expenses associated with picking up and returning the trailer
  • Secure storage and insurance of the trailer when in your bank’s use
  • A signed Hold Harmless Agreement before pickup/use
  • Supplying vault cash in the mobile ATM

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