Through our partnership with Staples, we are able to offer you substantial savings on all of your office supply needs. Help save your bank significant dollars in operating expenses!


  • Free two-day shipping on any order over $35 ($5 shipping on orders under $50)
  • Automatic $7.50 discount on all orders over $200
  • Over 400 “on contract” items discounted to the lowest possible price point
    • Each location can add an additional 75 customized items
    • PPE supplies are always in stock and readily available

In addition to saving money by utilizing our Staples Advantage® program, all of your bank employees can take advantage of these savings individually through our Employee Purchase Program. Your employees can create personal accounts linked to your group account.

Contact Lacey or Jess if you would like to register at or 800-568-4199. If you are already registered you can logon to your Staples Advantage account here.

Endorsed Members