Activity at ICBND has been Robust!


Each year as spring approaches I claim with good intention that I’m going to play more golf and even take some lessons. Well, it’s nearly June. I’ve played once. No lessons. Maybe I should take up fishing. Or, possibly just admit that I actually prefer doing yard work and playing hobby farmer. Anyway, I hope you’re doing a better job sticking to your spring resolutions!

Contrary to my golf game, activity at ICBND has been robust since our last newsletter. In late April, ICBND member bankers converged on Washington DC along with community bankers from across the nation for the 2016 ICBA Washington Policy Summit. This annual trek is to directly lobby our Congressional delegation and regulators addressing the major issues affecting community banking in our state. Our message focused on regulatory relief, system-wide data security standards, a level playing field with tax advantaged credit unions and Farm Credit, and certainty within the farm and rural safety net, particularly in this challenging ag market. Election year dynamics however, will prove challenging for any significant regulatory relief before November.

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In early May, we introduced two new educational offerings. The Credit Risk Management Conference addressed timely asset quality issues associated with the downturn in the ag and energy markets in the state and addressed the special assets process. The Women in Community Banking Summit, which will be discussed in more detail later in this newsletter, had an overwhelmingly positive response and we look forward to it being an annual event.

At the ICB Purchasing Exchange, we recently formed a special committee focused on enhancing the visibility and value of this service for our members. The committee has met a number of times this year and has provided valuable guidance that we’ve begun to implement. We know that you wear many hats at your organization, so let Lacey and Jess be your “Personal Shoppers” for anything and everything you might need!

Finally, we hope to see you at the annual ICBND convention August 14-16 in Bismarck. Our horse racing theme, including a “Casino Night”, is sure to provide a fun and festive atmosphere despite the fact that we won’t be celebrating a Triple Crown winner this year. So get your early bird registrations in by June 30!

Talk to you soon!

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