Political Action Committee


Contributing to our Political Action Committees (PACs) doesn’t just help promote state candidates who will advocate for independent banks—it also helps lend your voice to promoting community banks through nationwide legislation. 

ICBND Political Action Committee

ICBND's Political Action Committee (ICBankPAC) is a fund used exclusively to support candidates in legislative races from both political parties in the state of North Dakota. We strongly encourage you to consider making an annual contribution to ICBankPAC to help provide funding to qualified candidates for state legislative races. To make a contribution to the PAC, just complete the ICBankPac form. All checks should be made payable to ICBankPAC, and mailed to ICBND, PO Box 6128, Bismarck, ND, 58506.  All contributions must be from personal funds and cannot be accepted from any other form of legal entity. If you have any questions relating to the PAC please contact the ICBND office toll-free at (800) 862-0672 or locally at (701) 258-7121.

ICBA Political Action Committee

A contribution to the Independent Community Bankers Political Action Committee (ICBPAC) is also strongly encouraged. ICBPAC exclusively represents community banks in federal legislative and regulatory issues. ICBPAC is the nonpartisan political action committee of ICBA, the nation's voice for community banks. ICBPAC is the only federal PAC dedicated exclusively to representing the community banking industry. If you are a member of ICBA and would like more information about ICBPAC, please contact Mary Randolph Gannon at (202) 659-8111, or visit the ICBPAC website at www.icba.org/icbpac. You can use the form at the right to mail your contribution directly to ICBPAC, 1615 L Street NW, Suite 900, Washington, DC 20036, or you can contribute online by going to their website.

Is Your Bank a Member of the ICBPAC Directors Club?

The ICBPAC Directors club was established with the goal of recognizing those banks that achieve 100% ICBPAC participation by their Board of Directors (with a minimum $100 contribution each). If you are concerned about preserving the vitality of your franchise, protecting the future of housing financing, halting credit union expansion, and fighting for only the fairest regulation, then your bank should be a member of the ICBPAC Directors Club. ICBPAC funds are used to support the election and re-election of federal candidates with proven records of support for the community banking industry. A Directors Club membership entitles you and your bank to a variety of benefits, including a subscription to the ICBA Bank Director Program (with your first year free, a $495 value).

In addition, Directors Club members are recognized in listings on the ICBA website, at the ICBA Annual Convention, and at various ICBA meetings and events. You’ll also receive recognition in the NewsWatch Today e-newsletter. Benefits are being added to Club membership all the time.

For more information on the ICBPAC Directors Club, contact Mary Randolph Gannon at (202) 659-8111 or email her at icbpac@icba.org. You can send your contribution using the form at the right to: ATTN: ICBPAC Directors Club, 1615 L Street NW, Suite 900, Washington, DC 20036, or you can contribute online by going to their website.