Bank Member Benefits

ICBND is the only statewide association that represents the independent community banks in North Dakota exclusively. Our mission is to "enable the independent member banks to profitably and competitively provide quality financial services to the communities and citizens of North Dakota." 

Membership Benefits include:

  • We actively promote the interests of community banking before the state legislature through bill drafting and written and oral testimony.
  • We regularly communicate with member banks on legislative issues of importance to inform and, if needed, mobilize support on key issues.
  • We offer quality educational opportunities at discounted member rates through classroom, webinars, and telephone seminars.  Take part in annual programs including the Community Bankers for Compliance Program, Emerging Leaders Development Program, Certified Frontline Professional Series, and the 2-year Agricultural Lenders School sponsored by ICBND, North Dakota State University and Bismarck State College.
  • Our members receive discounts on promotional items, customer furniture, banking forms through our ICB Marketing Solutions.
  • Save money on office supplies by utilizing the ICB Marketing Solutions Staples Advantage® partnership. Employees of your bank can also sign up to order their personal home supplies at a discount rate.
    Save on shipping costs by signing up for the UPS/Unishippers shipping program through ICB Marketing Solutions.
  • Provide your customers with your own Visa/MasterCard Merchant Program through ICB Card Services. All decisions on your card program are authorized and controlled by each bank and you retain your own credit card receivables. Save money with shared program fees and let the ICB Card Services handle all the administrative and compliance services.
  • Complimentary electronic mailing of the Community Banker newsletter which contains significant news and information pertinent to the banking industry.
  • A free listing on our website. This provides your bank with excellent exposure web wide. We include your bank’s name, address, and a direct link to your own website.
  • Exclusive opportunity to attend the ICBND’s Annual Convention and Exposition.  Here you will receive outstanding educational sessions, find out what’s new from our Associate Members during the exposition, and have fun connecting with old friends and making new acquaintances.
  • Online access to our Associate Member directory for reference when selecting your suppliers and consultants. These vendors have been approved by the ICBND Board of Directors.
  • Discounted hotel rates through participating hotels.
Bank Eligibility

Any national bank, state bank, or trust company that is independently owned, controlled, and conducts its business as an independent bank may become an active member of this association. Membership is granted upon the payment of dues that shall be fixed from year to year by the Board of Directors. For an entity to be eligible for membership, it must meet the following criteria:

  • It must be a commercial bank insured by the FDIC.
  • It must generally share the philosophy of independent community banks, and be operated in a manner that is consistent with that of other independent community banks.

“Independent,” for purposes of membership eligibility, generally means:

  1. Making primary customer and strategic decisions within the bank’s geographical area, within North Dakota; and
  2. Committed to improvement of its marketing area, primarily within North Dakota; and
  3. Represented by a charter located within North Dakota.
  4. Any branches established and operated within North Dakota must be operated in accordance with the branching laws applicable to commercial banks.
  5. “Community bank,” for purposes of membership eligibility, generally means that the bank makes a majority of its loans in the local service area from which deposits are drawn.
    • The entity generally cannot be both publicly traded and have a multi-state presence. If it is both publicly traded and has a multi-state presence, it can be accepted for membership only after approval by a two-thirds vote of the members on the Board of Directors present at any regular or special meeting.
    • A bank, a branch, or a subsidiary of a bank not chartered in North Dakota, and otherwise eligible for ICBND membership may become a member.
For more information on annual bank membership dues and how to become a member please contact Barry D. Haugen, ICBND President at 701-258-7121 or toll free 800-862-0672 or by emailing him at

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