Challenges of the Times


Hello friends! I’d like to say it’s been a beautiful fall, but I’d be lying. Record rainfall and cold temperatures across much of the state are creating a tremendous hardship for our agricultural producers as they try to get crops off the field. After the rain event a couple weekends ago, I was visiting with a number of ag lenders from both member banks and non-member banks. One gentleman made the comment that there were significant challenges getting equipment TO the fields, much less getting IN the fields as several roads were washed out in that particular market area.

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This certainly isn’t what we needed September and early October to look like in ag country -especially when you pile on the commodity price and tariff-related issues. As I spoke with these community bankers though, I realized again how important relationship banking is to our rural state, especially in challenging times. Community bankers know their customers and are empathetic to the challenges of the times. Good times and rough times ebb and flow in any commodity-driven business, and community bankers have been by their ag customers’ sides through thick and thin. Undoubtedly, there will be some hardships as harvest drags way too far into the calendar. Cross your fingers for some warm, dry, windy October weather to help. And, thanks for everything you do!

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