My Privilege


As I write this, we are just one short month removed from the 50th Annual ICBND Convention. Of course I’m biased, but I truly thought it was a fabulous event. In some ways, it feels like it was ages ago and in other ways it seems like just yesterday. I’m just now getting fully caught up on sleep. My adult children often tell me that I have FOMO. For those of you, like me, who didn’t know what FOMO stands for, it’s the affliction known as “fear of missing out”. As I’ve become a bit more self-aware in middle age, I somewhat regrettably admit that it probably describes me well - hence the need to catch up on sleep after this milestone event. By the way, FOMO must not be all that bad as these same adult children, plus a son-in-law and grandson, were all living with Stacey and me this summer!

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Part of my reason for waxing nostalgic a bit on the recent convention was prompted by the event photos that we received this week. They’re a great reminder of the fun and camaraderie of our members. I was particularly moved by the photo of the past presidents/chairmen. By our best educated estimate, 35 former presidents/chairmen of ICBND are living. 27 of them attended the black tie social and banquet on Tuesday evening of the convention. What a great turnout! Gracious and impressive men and women who, by almost anyone’s account, have gone above and beyond for community banking in North Dakota and yet they still show up for this event.

I distinctly remember the group lining up for the photo during the social and thinking how humbling it is for my coworkers and me to be the day-to-day stewards of the great organization that this group built. I thought of all the challenges they’ve faced over the decades to ensure that community banking survives, thrives and remains relevant in communities across the state. The foundation of leadership developed by this group and the impressive group of leaders that will be following them give me confidence and hope for the next 50 years of community banking in North Dakota. Oh, and by the way, it appeared to me that the group had a pretty darn good time as well!

It remains my privilege to be your association president. Until next time!

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