Webinar Sessions

Hot IRA Issues: Divorce, IRS Levies, Creditor Claims & Misunderstood Rules

Apr 29, 2021

Hot IRA issues abound. This dynamic webinar will address the most misunderstood IRS rules and recent updates, including the SECURE Act. Scenarios and examples will provide clarity and guidance. And IRA training just doesn’t get any better than learning best practices from IRA expert, Frank LaLoggia. Won’t you join us?

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Call Report Basic Lending Schedules: Coding, Classifications & Loan Loss Allowance

Apr 28, 2021

Calling all Call Report preparers! Examiners are watching what you do and checking your work – during and between examinations. Accuracy and consistency are important by themselves, but also influence examiners’ perception of your bank. Learn more about correctly preparing basic lending schedules with this timely webinar.

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E-SIGN Series: E-SIGN Security & Fraud Detection

Apr 27, 2021

This session will explain the intersection of E-SIGN security and fraud detection and provide valuable tips for educating consumers and identifying fraud.

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Global Cash Flow Analysis for Underwriters & Credit Analysts

Apr 22, 2021

Global cash flow analysis provides a complete picture of your borrower’s ability to repay loans. Join us to learn how to accurately and consistently evaluate all sources of cash and debt, resulting in better-informed lending decisions, and fewer losses to your financial institution.

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Debit Cards 101

Apr 21, 2021

This eye-opening, introductory-level session will go behind the scenes of debit card processing. It will explore the payments industry, explain who the players are, and delve into everyday transactions.

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Commercial Loan: Workouts, Restructuring & Loss Mitigation

Apr 20, 2021

Do you understand the available options for dealing with troubled commercial loans? What is the risk exposure for each? What if the delinquency is COVID-caused? Does the pandemic change any aspect of TDRs? Join us to learn how to determine which collection option is best for your financial institution.

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New Time Limits for ACH Warranty Claims Effective June 30, 2021

Apr 19, 2021

Effective June 30, 2021, the Nacha Operating Rules will limit the length of time in which an RDFI can make a claim against the ODFI’s authorization warranty. This session will detail the rule changes and outline best practices for consumer and corporate accountholder claims.

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Collection Series: Regulatory Alphabet for Collections Compliance

Apr 15, 2021

The CFPB recently released a new debt collections rule, the pandemic has upended debt collection efforts, and state regulators are becoming more active. The FDCPA and Reg F got a refresher, UDAP/UDAAP is an on-going concern, the TCPA is still before the Supreme Court, and consumer lawyers have shifted their focus to FCRA claims against furnishers. Join us for a comprehensive overview of the shifting landscape of collection regulations and litigation trends.

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Advanced C&I Underwriting: A/R & Inventory Financing

Apr 14, 2021

Small business lending can benefit community banks and lead to better knowledge about each borrower. However, a one-size-fits-all approach to C&I lending can be disastrous. This webinar will broaden your understanding of A/R and inventory financing.

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Reg CC Compliance & Review: Check Holds, Remote Deposit Capture & Reg D Changes

Apr 13, 2021

Need an answer key? Customer service questions arise every day regarding deposit regulations, check holds, cash availability, timeframes, transaction limits, and more. Ensure you can answer these questions, including new transaction limit changes under Reg D. The cheat sheet and hold chart provided will increase accuracy and understanding.

Paid Event | Seats Remaining : Unlimited |

Remote Workforce Series: Moving to the Cloud: Remote Management of Risks to Customer Data

Apr 8, 2021

“Cloud computing” has been around for over a decade and has gained traction in financial institutions of all sizes and system complexity. With the move to cloud computing comes new risks and considerations. The cloud is not a silver-bullet solution to outsourcing system risk and safeguarding accountholder data. Learn what financial institutions should do to ensure the necessary steps are being taken to secure accountholder information, comply with industry regulations, and leverage the benefits of cloud computing.

Paid Event | Seats Remaining : Unlimited |

Board Reporting: Requirements, Timing, Delivery Options, Risks & Concerns

Apr 7, 2021

De-stress or distress? Reporting to the board is stressful enough by itself. Now up the ante. Examiners will be reviewing those reports to determine your board’s effectiveness. This detailed webinar unpacks the intricacies of board reporting and provides the timelines, checklists, tools, red flags, and current information needed to engender accuracy, confidence, and calm.

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Webinar Sessions

When you’re training your managers and other top employees, it’s critical to maximize the return on time and cost spent. Our professional webinar series lets all of your employees benefit from advanced training—from the convenience of your own office.   ICBND offers over 130 webinar sessions a year on subjects like regulation changes, required training, and trending financial topics. Train as many individuals as you like, for one set price.*  It's Convenient and can be accessed on your iPad, iPhone, Android or desk computer.

The live webinar option allows you to have unlimited internet connections. Registrants receive a website address and passcode that will allow entrance to the seminar. The session will be approximately 90 minutes, including question and answer sessions. Seminar materials, including instructions, passcode, and handouts will be emailed to you prior to the broadcast. You will need the most-current version of Adobe Reader available free at www.adobe.com.

Can’t attend the scheduled training?

The archived webinar is a recording of the live event, including audio, visuals, and handouts. We even provide the presenter’s email address for follow-up questions. You will receive an email with the recorded webinar link, which can be viewed anytime 24/7, beginning 2 business days after the webinar. You will also receive instruction on how to download a free digital copy of the webinar to your PC, which you may keep and use indefinitely.  The archived webinar/digital download may ONLY be ordered for 6 months following the webinar. It will not be available after this time.

*Note: All materials are subject to copyright. Transmission, retransmission, or republishing this webinar to other institutions or those not employed by your financial institution is prohibited. Print materials may be copied for eligible participants only.


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