Effective Management Of Credit Report Disputes: ACDVs, AUDs & Joint Credit - Details

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Date: Sep 17, 2021 - Sep 17, 2021
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Effective Management of Credit Report Disputes: ACDVs, AUDs & Joint Credit

(90-minute webinar – available live or on-demand)

 Friday, September 17, 2021

This is a morning webinar

8:00 AM Pacific        9:00 AM Mountain

10:00 AM Central     11:00 AM Eastern

Credit reporting sparks regulators’ attention – in part because credit reporting problems are one of the chief consumer complaints.  Do you have a dispute process in place?  Is it consumer-friendly?  What will the regulators think?  This webinar will address operational and compliance issues and give you a path to FCRA dispute management and compliance. 


  • Appreciate the increasing credit reporting compliance risks
  • Break down the credit reporting process
  • Examine the optimal alignment for the credit reporting task
  • Employ the critical steps to respond to credit report disputes
  • Create a plan for effective dispute management
  • Identify and avoid common compliance landmines


There could be danger hiding among your credit reports!  The credit reporting function has taken on added significance in recent years with increased borrower awareness of the power of the credit score, the rise of CFPB regulations and complaint tracking, and highly motivated consumer protection attorneys.  Credit reporting continues to be one of the most-cited consumer concerns and has therefore received added attention from the CFPB, examiners, and the legal community.  From policies and procedures, to quality assurance and organizational charts, this essential function impacts every financial institution and there are some basic steps that can increase efficiency, reduce risks, and calm your compliance nerves.   

Fortunately, the regulations, examination guidance, and hard-earned experience create a detailed model of a fully compliant credit reporting function – if you know where to look.  This webinar will focus on the unique operational and compliance challenges posed by credit reporting disputes.  From automated disputes to direct disputes and all the gray areas in between, this session will provide a common-sense approach to FCRA dispute compliance and management.  Join credit reporting veteran David Reed as he cuts through the regulatory web and shares a clean and manageable credit reporting process for your institution. 


This informative session is designed for senior executives, managers, compliance staff, lending staff, collection managers, frontline managers, internal auditors, and anyone involved with credit reporting. 


  • FCRA examination guidance
  • Sample FCRA policy
  • Sample credit report dispute resolution procedures
  • Sample response letters
  • Employee training log
  • Interactive quiz 


Fair Credit Reporting Compliance

on Friday, July 16, 2021

David A Reed    MEET THE PRESENTER - David A. Reed, JD, Reed & Jolly, PLLC

Attorney, author, consultant, and nationally recognized speaker, David Reed is a partner in the law firm of Reed & Jolly, PLLC.  He provides guidance to financial institutions on establishment and revision of policies and procedures, organizational compliance, collections, security, contractual agreements, regulatory matters, and corporate governance.  His engaging speaking style has made him a nationwide lecturer on regulatory compliance, consumer lending, bankruptcy, and collections. 

A former trial attorney and vice president and general counsel of a large regional financial institution, David is also a Certified Fraud Examiner.  He is particularly known as an expert in the areas of operations, bankruptcy, and collections.  He has trained state and federal examination staff on numerous issues, including BSA, ID theft red flags, SAFE Act, third-party contract management, and bankruptcy.


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