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Community Bankers For Compliance Regulatory 2 Day Seminar - Presented Via Webinar - Details
Session Available from: Sep 1, 2020 12:00 to Sep 22, 2020 12:00

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Live Session Date: Sep 22, 2020 | Sep 23, 2020

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Event description:

Presented via Webinar format

Community Bankers for Compliance Program

Fall Regulatory 2-day Seminar

Date: September 22-23, 2020

9am - 1pm each day with frequent breaks


Day 1: The SAR, Cyber Events, Marijuana, Hemp, and its Impacts

This CBC webinar will discuss the issues regarding the BSA Suspicious Activity Report (SAR). We will discuss the requirements and the form in detail. We will include all of the latest completion instructions.

Our primary focus for the day will be the “newer” issues surrounding the form - cyber event reporting, and your future decision making Marijuana / Cannabis / Marijuana Related Businesses. We will discuss their impacts on the form.

Although not yet legal in North Dakota except for medicinal purposes, banks need to consider the possibility of being asked to bank marijuana related businesses (MRBs), as it probably is only a matter of time before full legalization becomes a reality. We will discuss the decision process that needs to take place regarding these businesses, and the impact of these businesses may have on your bank, both operationally and for BSA.

While no longer illegal, we will also discuss issues that are important to review surrounding the propagation of hemp. As hemp farming expands, we need to be prepared to handle the issues that have impacts for the bank, both for compliance and safety and soundness.

These subjects were suggested by several CBC members when we requested potential topics for 2020.

Day 2: Regulation DD, D, the new APYWIN and Deposit Disasters

In a recent publication, the FDIC indicated that the second most violated regulation for 2019 was Regulation DD. Although the regulation has not changed in many years, in order to either retain or grow market share, bank management and staff have been “creative” with new product offerings. And with the end (at least for now) of restrictions on transactions under Regulation D, the creativity is more permissible – to a point. The impacts of these changes will be an important portion of our discussion.

The second portion of the presentation will be a review of the new 2020 version of APYWIN. This compliance tool has been redesigned in part to assist banks with the new and more challenging products that they are creating. This portion of the presentation will discuss how to use the new APYWIN to assure compliance with the relevant parts of Regulation DD. The manual will assist attendees in the use of APYWIN, similar to APRWIN which was offered as a topic last year.

The third portion of the presentation we have titled “Deposit Disasters.” Attendees will be given the opportunity to review the issues raised in real life hotline questions and audits Young & Associates, Inc. has performed, and to make decisions regarding how to resolve the issues presented, if necessary. “Deposit Disasters” will also include a review of advertisements - something that can create no end of difficulties if the bank is not careful. Attendees will get to take a look at the text of the advertisements and make decisions regarding whether the advertisements were correct, and if not, how to fix them.

This topic was chosen based on the FDIC results discussed above, as well as several requests for APYWIN and more “real life scenarios” that were made when we solicited subject ideas for our 2020 CBC seminars.

Who Should Attend

September 22 - BSA Officers, Compliance Officers and Auditors should attend this session. In addition, all personnel with management responsibilities within the bank will likely have some hard decisions regarding marijuana in the coming years, and a portion of this presentation will not tell you what to do, but will tell you what questions you will have to answer. Senior management, lenders, loan origination and deposit origination personnel will find this portion of the presentation helpful.

September 23 - Compliance officers, deposit department heads, senior management, marketing personnel, and others with responsibilities for deposit services should attend. Additionally, audit personnel will find this session useful.


Day 1: The SAR, Cyber Events, Marijuana, Hemp, and its Impacts

  • The SAR – the latest instructions
  • The impacts of Cyber Events on the SAR process
  • The impacts of Marijuana and Cannabis business on the SAR process
  • Management of Marijuana and Cannabis businesses and the unintended consequences for the bank
  • Determining what kinds of Marijuana and Cannabis businesses to bank
  • Issues that need to be considered regarding the propagation of hemp

Day 2: Regulation DD, D, the new APYWIN, and Deposit Disasters

  • Regulation D
  • Regulation DD
  • Deposit Disasters – case studies and advertisement issues

Seminar Presenter

Bill Elliott      Bill Elliott, CRCM, Director of Compliance Education

Bill Elliott has over 40 years of banking experience. As a Senior Consultant and Director of Compliance Education at Young & Associates, Inc., Bill works on a variety of compliance-related issues, including leading compliance seminars, conducting compliance reviews for all areas of compliance, conducting in-house training, and writing compliance articles and training materials. During his career, Bill spent 15 years as a compliance officer and CRA officer in a large community bank, and also worked for a large regional bank. He has been a lender for consumer, commercial, and mortgage loans, and has managed a variety of bank departments, including loan review, consumer/commercial loan processing, mortgage loan processing, loan administration, credit administration, collections, and commercial loan workout.


ICBND and Community Bankers for Compliance (CBC) Members: If 2020 annual dues of $1,500 for one attendee or $1,800 for two attendees has been paid, no additional cost for this session.
$200 per 2-day session for each additional attendee above 2 attendees.

ICBND Members who are not members of the CBC Program $950 per 2-day session for the first attendee.
$600 per 2-day session for each additional person.

Non-ICBND Members
$1,400 per 2-day session for the first attendee.
$1,000 per 2-day session for each additional attendee.

Cancellation Policy

15 days or more prior to seminar date, you will receive a full refund of the registration fee; 8-14 days prior to seminar date, you will receive a 50% refund; and 0-7 days prior to seminar date, there will be no refund given.