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E-Compliance Rules, Policies & Best Practices For Email, Web, Mobile & Social Media - Details
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Live Session Date: Aug 21, 2019

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E-Compliance Rules, Policies & Best Practices for

Email, Web, Mobile & Social Media

Webinar OR Recorded Webinar + Free Digital Download

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Pacific

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm Mountain

2:00 pm – 3:30 pm Central

3:00 pm – 4:30 pm Eastern

Financial institutions have long known they cannot afford to play fast and loose with legal and regulatory compliance with email, web, mobile, and social media management – and the steep costs of noncompliance. The organizations penalized for electronic mismanagement reads like a who’s who of the industry. It’s not uncommon for industry regulators and courts to impose hefty fines and legal judgments on financial institutions that mismanage electronic content, violate consumer privacy, fail to secure business records, or are slow to turn over subpoenaed email and other electronically stored information (ESI). Don’t risk the costly consequences of litigation, regulatory audits and fines, security breaches, business record mismanagement, lost productivity, business interruptions, and public embarrassment. Join us to learn how to implement strategic electronic compliance management that combines policy, training, and technology.  


  • How a strategic e-compliance management program can help anticipate and deflect legal liabilities, regulatory disasters, security breaches, and other electronic risks
  • Best practices to ensure legal, regulatory, and organizational compliance
  • Why and how you must preserve, protect, and produce electronic business records
  • Creating effective email, web, mobile device, and social media policies and procedures
  • Conducting an annual e-policy audit
  • Best practices to manage content, use, records, and risks
  • Putting the three Es of electronic compliance management to work
  • Enforcing e-policies at work, home, and on the road
  • Tips for effective e-policy training
  • Supporting policy with best-in-class technology tools
  • Monitoring rules – reconciling privacy expectations with legal realities
  • Real-life electronic disaster stories
  • Timely information, expert advice, and best practices to implement immediately
    • Social media rules: Guidelines for Creating Effective Social Media Policy
    • Mobile device compliance checklist: Best Practices for Effective BYOD & COPE Programs
    • Employee training log
    • NEW – Interactive quiz


This informative session is a must for human resources professionals, lawyers, compliance officers, IT directors, privacy officers, managers, executives, and others responsible for electronic policy and compliance management. Anyone who communicates online will benefit.


Federal Requirements for Tech-Based Marketing: Websites, Social Media, Robo Calls & More

on Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Please note:  The live webinar option allows you to have one internet connection (from a single computer terminal).  You may have as many people as you like listen and watch from your office computer.

 Nancy Flynn    ABOUT THE PRESENTER – Nancy Flynn, The ePolicy Institute & Business Writing Institute

A recognized expert on workplace policy, communication, and compliance, Nancy Flynn is the founder and executive director of The ePolicy Institute and Business Writing Institute. She provides training, writing, and consulting services to clients seeking to minimize compliance risks and maximize communication skills.  

Nancy is the author of 13 books, including “Writing Effective E-Mail,” “The ePolicy Toolkit,” and “The Social Media Handbook.” An in-demand trainer, she conducts seminars, webinars, and one-on-one coaching for financial institutions, financial services firms, and other clients worldwide. She also serves as an expert witness in litigation related to workplace policies and Internet use.


Note:  All materials are subject to copyright.  Transmission, retransmission, or republishing this webinar to other institutions or those not employed by your financial institution is prohibited.  Print materials may be copied for eligible participants only.


The live webinar option allows you to have one internet connection from a single computer terminal.  You may have as many people as you like listen and watch from your office computer.  Registrants receive a website address and passcode that allows entrance to the seminar.  The session will be approximately 90 minutes, including question and answer sessions.  Seminar materials, including instructions, passcode, and handouts will be emailed prior to the broadcast.  You will need the most current version of Adobe Reader available free at 


Can’t attend the live webinar?  This option provides a recording of the live event, including audio, visuals, and handouts.  We even provide the presenter’s email address for follow-up questions. You will receive an email with the recorded webinar link, which can be viewed anytime 24/7, beginning 6 business days after the webinar.  You will also receive instruction on how to download a free digital copy of the webinar to your PC, which you may keep and use indefinitely.

The recorded webinar may ONLY be ordered for 6 months following the live webinar.  In addition, the download must be completed within 6 months of the live webinar date. 


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