ICBND Proudly Promotes Bankers Helping Bankers


Happy February, community bankers! I hope you are surviving this year’s North Dakota winter. You will see in this edition of our newsletter that ICBND is proudly promoting the launch of Bankers Helping Bankers (BHB), a collaboration with FedFis, a fintech providing data transformation for financial institutions, and the Independent Bankers Association of Texas (IBAT). The new program is supported by community banking associations nationwide. And best of all, it is available free to all ICBND member bankers!

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So, what is BHB? Bankers Helping Bankers is much more than a data tool, although data tools are a major deliverable through the platform. BHB is a collaboration hub online where bankers can talk to one another in a safe bankers-only community. Upon logging in, bankers are put into user groups with:

  • Every bank in the country that is using their same core provider platform;
  • Every bank in the country that is using their same online banking platform;
  • Every bank in their state; and
  • Every bank in the U.S.

The FedFis data set contains the technology stack data on every bank in the country. And BHB is a social community at its core. Its intelligence layer powers the community engagement, acting as a social engine. BHB achieves this data driven engagement in these key ways:

  • Social Plus: BHB personalizes the banks experience—recommendations, interactions, digital strategy and even discussions—by grouping banks’ discussions by topics, partners and peers. This is a new, elevated conversation based on information bankers haven’t had before.
  • Fintech Directory: All U.S. fintechs that provide a banking function (requires a sponsor bank) are included in the database. It is the only directory built by data, which ensures completeness. Search all of a fintech’s features and app store data (number of installs, age of app and ratings, and view the digital experience of the fintech).
  • Vendor Due Diligence: The technology selection process for community banks has long been broken. Community bankers need vendors that integrate with a bank’s current technology and pass the regulatory hurdle of “three live installs.” Using algorithms, FinTegration Strategist precisely defines your recommended product shortlist.
  • Bank Digital Snapshot: Find your bank peers, view that community bank’s digital experience through its app(s), financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and call report financial KPIs.
  • Smart Vendor Directory: BHB offers a definitive list of vendors with at least one live bank install. Learn where vendors serve their customers best by asset size and financial KPIs of their install base.
  • Education: Get data-driven education and thought leadership to stay on top of news, industry trends and cutting-edge innovations.

ICBND member banks now have full and cost-free access to Bankers Helping Bankers and we hope you will explore this tool. To learn more, email me at barryh@icbnd.com and I will provide instructions and access details.


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